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About Us


Candy Cane's Learning Center is a full day preschool program providing a loving and nurturing environment for the children of the neighboring communities since 2006. We are a community of learners: children, families, and educators from a variety of backgrounds. We incorporate that rich ethnic, cultural, and religious diversity and we draw upon that resource to provide a foundation for lifelong learning in a diverse and interdependent world.

For the children, we strive to maintain a safe, healthy and nurturing environment where the developmental needs of the children are addressed.


For the parents, we strive to keep the program affordable and available.  Candy Cane Learning Center and Candy Cane Day Care will provide a safe, reliable, high quality child care center for every child, so they will have a piece of mind and be worry free while their child/children are in our care.  Parents will be treated with respect and will always have the opportunity for feedback and involvement.

Candace Horne, Director

Children experience the greatest growth when they feel secure and wanted.  We recognize that it is in the early years of development that children form who they are as individuals, the foundation on which children base the rest of their lives.  Therefore, we at Candy Cane’s Learning Center are committed to providing  a warm, safe, caring, and comfortable environment for our children.  Our goal at Candy Cane’s Learning Center is to make sure each child has numerous positive experiences and interactions throughout each day.  

Candy Cane’s Learning Center mission is to provide a solid foundation for our future by creating a high quality, family orientated, nurturing, and safe environment, that promotes each child’s social/emotional, physical, language, and cognitive development which will impact and inspire lifelong learning.  It is also our mission to ensure that each child know they are loved and include God in all that we do.   

Building upon our 10 plus years of well-established and successful experiences with play based learning; we are a community influenced and inspired by the schools of Reggio Emilia, Italy. 

Fundamentals of Our Preschool Program

  • Emphasis on the environment as a provocation for learning.

  • Parents and families are essential partners in the life of the school.

  • View of the teacher as researcher and collaborator.

  • Making learning visible through the process of observation, reflection, and documentation.

Candy Cane's Learning Center offers 9 hours of care per day.

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