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The Infant Center Serves Children from

6 Weeks to 12 Months Old

Sweet laughter and soft lullabies are where imagination and learning begins. Teachers in our infant classrooms are committed to creating a safe and nurturing environment where babies can explore and make new discoveries. Our curriculum builds a strong foundation creating a passion for lifelong learning.


Our personalized care will boost learning through developmentally appropriate practices, which will help your baby meet developmental milestones. Our Daily Communication sheets track your infant’s progress and provide you with individualized notes.

Our comfy atmosphere provides “your child a home away from home” by Fostering Friendships, supporting Emerging Emotions, building Healthy Beginnings, Sparking Curiosity and promoting Language Development.

Every Infant's Growth and Development is Nurtured and Cultivated as We Work to: 

  • Foster Positive Loving Relations

  • Spark Each Infant's Curiosity

  • Inspire Language Development

  • Embrace Emerging Emotions

  • Insure Healthy Beginnings

We not only care for your child, we want you to know the developmental milestones your child will be mastering as an infant 6 Weeks to 12 months.

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