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Educational Practice

At Candy Cane's Learning Center  we view the curriculum as all the experiences that children are engaged in throughout the day. Purposeful play is at the heart of these experiences and cultivates independent thinking, problem-solving skills, mental flexibility, and complex high-level thought. In our educational practice classroom teachers  work together to:

  • Make preparations that express core curriculum goals.

  • Make hypotheses about possible directions activities and projects might take.

Teachers facilitate children’s explorations of themes and work on short and long term research projects. Projects may start from a chance event, an idea or question posed by children, or an experience offered by teachers and educators. In this balance of child and teacher initiated activities the curriculum emerges and evolves.

Our School

We Have Introduced PLAY to LEARNING!

We Provide Child Care That Inspires Learning That Is F-U-N!


6 Weeks - 12 Months


1 and 2 Year Olders


3 and 4 Year Olders

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